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Faith is not a mystery. You never have to wonder whether you
have faith. You know what you believe by what you say and do.

Cory Henry, Mike League, & Nat Townsley- Stevie Wonder’s ‘Creepin’

You weren’t created to be a failure. Sure some things may not have worked out and there have been some disappointments. But all these things helped guide you in a direction that was meant for you. Your life has purpose and significance. Try to be patient if it isn’t all crystal clear just yet. For now, just know that you weren’t created to fail.

Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor’s drum programming tutorials are cool. I love his work with the band and his programming. Check it!

Part 1 of 2: Misha Mansoor’s Drum Programming Tips

Rock in’ my new Roland SPD30 @ church rehearsal tonite. Love the sounds and OAS response.
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Tribute to the great Yogi Horton in Modern Drummer

Modern Drummer online, along with some of Yogi Horton’s closest musical friends, is paying tribute this month to the great R&B drummer, who tragically passed away twenty years ago, in June of 1987.

It’s time you stopped hiding from life, and said yes to the adventure of being alive. Enough of the routine already. Go on, have an adventure, - do what you always wanted deep within your heart. Do what brings you alive, and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

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Great nite hanging with The Kenny Loggins Band with Kenny, Scott Bernard & Tom Brechtlein.
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How true this is…
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How to Write and Pitch for Different Genres and Music Centers


"La Di Da Di," the 1984 rap hit by Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh, has been sampled or interpolated by hundreds of artists, birthing new hits along the way. As Mark Ronson explains on the latest TED Radio Hour, the track is "like the national anthem or alphabet song of hip-hop.”

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
C. S. Lewis
There are times when a change of direction is for your highest good. It takes courage to change direction. Choose the path your heart agrees with and walk with your head high and your eyes open. Don’t be afraid.